Monday, 19 March 2018

A reminder that we have no Ice Skating this week as it is too warm!

We have new spelling words:
Group A - ropes, bones, kites, bees, cakes, boxes, foxes, roses, cones, books
Group B - way, away, today, chain, wait, chase, play, played, rain, paint
Group C - way, these, niece, might, show, float, brain, mean, close, tried, cube, uniform, stayed, price, usually

Short school week before we blast into Spring Break! No school Friday for the kiddos!

Hot lunch forms are due this Thursday, March 22nd! Send them in if you have them.

In Science we started an Evaporation experiment. We will finish it up after Spring Break. You could even do the experiment at home. Ask your child to show you how.

Please look for a note that was sent home about needing jars, cotton and glitter. We want to make galaxy jars, but need a few materials. Thanks for your help!

If anyone wants to help out in the classroom, we are in need of some volunteering. Please email me and let me know when you are available to come! Thanks so much :)

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Cancelled Skating

Thursday, March 15, 2018 7:42 AM
I am sorry to say that ice skating for next week is officially cancelled. The outdoor rinks are not in good shape at the community centre as a result of the warm weather the past few days.

We are so sorry to report this, as we were looking forward to it too. If everyone brings their snowpants we could all get out in the snow next week. So make sure to send those Snowpants!

Today in class we continued to put our Spelling words in ABC order. We hope you've been studying for the Spelling Quiz. That's tomorrow morning.

We learned about the clothing of the people in Meteghan and then created another person with appropriate clothing.

We also marked our Leprechaun Math Measurement as a class. We played some Mathletics and are happy to report we are #1 in our school and #64 in all of Alberta! We are doing GREAT!!!!! Keep it up!

Pillars of Care Assembly at 8:15am - Your child should have brought home a Pillar Note if they are receiving an award!

Our Reading Rally was unfortunately cancelled this afternoon, due to many volunteers traveling and the roads being terrible. We hope it will be rescheduled for after Spring Break sometime.

Monday, 12 March 2018

New Spelling Words

Group A - late, gave, cone, line, snake, feet, jeep, use, she, see
Group B - boat, coat, float, long, along, belong, paw, fawn, tall, wall
Group C - swimming, swam, getting, coming, same, having, doing, ended, happened, happening, started, joked, received, smiled, smiling

We are continuing to edit our work by using CUPS.

In Science we also discussed ways to save water and why that's important. We will continue that lesson tomorrow.

Today a field trip form came home. There is no cost to it. We will be learning how to skate at the Beddington Community Centre. We will do that next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Thursday, March 15 Calgary Reads is hosting a Reading Rally for all our Grade 1/2 students. Calgary Reads will have over 20 volunteer readers and we are looking for a few more. If you have your volunteer clearance and are available the afternoon of March 15, please email Ms. Cokar at as soon as possible. Volunteers will read with two students for about 20 minutes, be entertained by the teachers performing a Reader's Theatre, listen to a guest reader sharing a story, and then read with two more students. Approximate times are 12:30 to 2:00.

If you want to become an official Calgary Reads wee reads volunteer and have your volunteer clearance, there will be training offered next Friday, March 16 at the Calgary Reads office. Again, please contact Ms. Cokar if you are interested in this opportunity.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Mathletics Club started today! Kids are loving Mathletics. They are earning so many points to help our class win prizes!!!!

Coding Club for Grade 2's starts next Wednesday.

We learned a new tool to help us in our writing it's called CUPS!

C is for Capitals
U is for understanding (does my sentences make senese?)
P is for punctuation (periods, question and exclamation marks .?!)
S is for spelling (do my words look right? Have I checked my dictionary?)

We played a super fun Bingo Math game. We were subitizing with a giant dice on the smartboard!

In PE we are practicing skipping. Remember to get those forms in by this Friday and donate online to get extra prizes!

Have a great Wednesday! :)

Monday, 5 March 2018

IMPORTANT INFO!!!! Mathletics Club

I completely forgot to send home a permission form for Mathletics Club. They were due back today, so please send them back tomorrow. I'm the one running it and it will be during our lunch recess

We have new Spelling Words for this week. Please study each day at home. We study for about 10 minutes each morning, but they need extra practice at home too.

Group A - go, so, no, home, note, robe, bone, cone, do, you (long o sound and 2 special words)
Group B- less, tell, well, will, still, off, letter, little, silly, happy (spell words with double consonants)
Group C - missed, willing, balloon, spelling, pretty, still, off, added, letter, different, middle, Mississippi, zipper, carry (spell words with double consonants. Divide words into syllables)

Today we practiced Mathletics for 30 minutes because it's the start of March Madness in Mathletics. Students earn points for every activity they do and we could earn $500 for our class to take a field trip.  Play at home as much as you can!

This afternoon we continued an activity in Social Studies about Saskatoon and the Ukrainian people.

Important Info:
6 - Parent Council Meeting 6pm here at Beddington
9 - Scholastic Orders due
11 - Spring forward clocks
15 - Spring Fling Dance
16 - Pillars of Care Assembly at 8:15am
22- last day of school before Spring Break
March 23rd- April 2nd - No School
3 - School Resumes

Thursday, 1 March 2018

We had a great day yesterday counting all our positive incidents. We had a total 340 positive incidents and only 5 negative incidents. WOW!!!! We are All-Stars!!!

Spelling quiz tomorrow morning.

Yesterday, we started a story called Chrysanthemu. Every time someone said something bad about her in the story Mrs. Nelson folded a big heart. Then when nice things were said, she unfolded it. By the end the heart was all wrinkled. Then we got these hearts:

Today we learned about strategies on how to handle bullying situations. Then we shared our role play with the class. Some groups will share tomorrow.

We also moved our desks around. Ask your child who they are sitting by and let me know if there are any problems.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018


Don't forget to wear a Pink Shirt to support Anti-Bullying!

We have new Spelling Words (sorry we forgot to post those yesterday)
Group A - we, me, he, be, see, need, tree, sheep, she, bee
Group B - candy, went, sent, take, like, puppy, time, didn't by, my
Group C - save, give, have, live, move, above, alike, to, two, too, know, do, blew, blue